Wydawca treści Wydawca treści

Forest cultivation

The most fundamental aim of forest cultivation is to preserve and enrich the existing forests (restocking) and to create new forests (forestation), with respect for natural conditions and processes.

During last decade the personnel of Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate performed a number of works aimed at restocking of the forests and forestation on the total area of 1868 ha. Forests were restocked by sowing, planting (artificial restocking) and recognition of self-sown plants or suckers (natural restocking).

During the last economic period 2110.74 ha of forest land was cultivated in Lipinki Forest District.

Nursery farm

Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate runs its own nursery farm of 915.74 a located in Lipinki Sub-district, in Suchleb Forest Range. The farm produces seedlings of trees and bushes of industrial importance. Its main aim is to meet demand for seedlings used for restoration and forestation.

Young beech. By Michał Szczepaniak.

Seed production and selection

Selection is a process that is inherently connected with existence of species and conditioning their evolution. It allows for increase in forest production and its improvement. Managed stands used for seed production make the base for restocking and forestation.

Lipinki Forest District runs its own seed production base which can meet almost all of its demand. The seed production base includes the following:

1. Managed stands used for seed production:

  • Scots Pine – 190.99 ha          
  • European Spruce – 4.36 ha              
  • European Larch – 2.91 ha    
  • Black Pine – 3.01 ha
  • Silver Birch – 4.50 ha  
  • Common Beech – 23.72 ha
  • Pedunculate Oak – 53.97 ha

2. Excluded managed stands used for seed production:

  • Scots Pine – 15.85 ha
  • Silver Birch – 5.35 ha
  • Common Beech – 21.16 ha

3. Specimen tree – Scots Pine

4. Lipinki Forest District includes 7 areas of companion crop. Total areas of companion crops are:

  • Scots Pine – 186.37 ha
  • Pedunculate Oak – 83.06 ha
  • Sessile Oak – 31.38 ha
  • Common Beech – 17.25 ha
  • Silver Birch – 15.10 ha

Nursery farm supplies seedlings of trees and bushes. By Damian Sandak