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Educational sites

The area of Lipinki Forest District is characterized by varied landscape, abundance of rare plant and animal species and unique places of great natural and cultural value. All the elements typical of this area enable its visitors to learn about nature, geology and culture at hand, which facilitates efficient acquisition of knowledge by children and teenagers.

Educational sites enabling more attractive access to knowledge about natural and geological environment through direct contact with nature have been made available by the Forest District for educational and recreational purposes. Yet, basic principles of one's conduct in a forest must be communicated to young people before they set off into the woods.

Lipinki Forest District makes the following educational sites available to its visitors:

  •  "Zielony Las" Nature and Forest Trail – the 3.2 km long trail is located within a picturesque compact forest complex with 8 thematic stops.

The trail runs through the area of "Zielony Las" Forestry and intersects with marked tourist trails starting in Żary. The area is very attractive due to both, diverse lie of the land and multitude of tree species. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to cover the entire trail.

  • "Dawna Kopalnia Babina" (Former Babina Mine) Geotourist Trail – the trail crosses the area of brown coal and ceramic clay excavation, which was part of Babina Mine before WWII, later on known as "Przyjaźń Narodów – Szyb Babina" (Friendship of Nations – Babina Shaft). "Dawna Kopalnia Babina" Geotourist Trail starts at the beginning of the former mine road, south of the intersection with Kopalniana Street in Nowe Czaple and ends in the vicinity of former brickyard in Łęknica.

View of Africa water body in the vicinity of Dawna Kopalnia Babina Geotourist Trail. By Magdalena Lewandowska

Places of interest along "Dawna Kopalnia Babina" Geotourist Trail:

Upadowa Vla (Descending Gallery), Wyrobisko B2 (Excavation), Nad upadową VI (Over Descending Gallery), water body – "łuska C" excavation  (currently known as "Africa"), observation tower.

Total length of "Dawna Kopalnia Babina" Geotourist Trail is 4 km.

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  • "Nad Młyńską Strugą" (By the Mill Stream) Nature Reserve– it is located within administrative districts of Przewóz and Tuplice in Lubuskie Province and covers the area of the valley of Nysa Łużycka. The reserve includes both, forest ecosystems and post-mining excavations.

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