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Educational offer

Educational offer of Lipinki Forest District includes meetings of foresters with children and teenagers held in schools and kindergartens. The meetings are aimed at showing the most important issues of forest management and protection with the use of various games and plays.

Abundance of flora and fauna as well as unique forms of landscape that can be found in Lipinki Forest District encourage teachers to organize field trips and enable children and teenagers to experience the luxuriance of natural environment within dedicated areas.

Educational sites located within the territory of Lipinki Forest District include:

  • "Zielony Las" Nature and Forest Trail
  • "Dawna Kopalnia Babina" Geotourist Trail
  • "Nad Młyńską Strugą" Nature Reserve
  • Many tourist and bicycle trails equipped with information points.

Educational institutions are welcome to make appointments for field trips guided by Forest District staff by post, e-mail or phone.

Information required to organize the classes include school (institution) name, number of students attending the classes, planned date of arrival.

All educational classes organized by foresters are FREE OF CHARGE.

Please, contact us by e-mail to damian.sandak@zielonagora.lasy.gov.plor call on +48 68 362 62 58 (extension 534) or +48 883-316-016.