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Hunting offer

The entire country is divided into hunting circuits, except for areas excluded from this division by statutory law. Depending on the proportion of forested areas such circuits are distinguished as forest and field circuits, 95% of which are leased by hunts.

Hunting circuits supervised by Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate are:

  • Circuit no. 209 leased by "RYŚ" Hunt Żary

  • Circuit no. 211 leased by „CIETRZEW" Hunt Żary

  • Circuit no. 219 leased by„GRZYWACZ" Hunt Brzeźnica,

  • Circuit no. 222 leased by „KNIEJA" Hunt Żary,

  • Circuit no. 223 leased by„LEŚNIK" Hunt Lipinki

  • Circuit no. 224 leased by „LISEK" Hunt Trzebiel,

  • Circuit no. 229 leased by „BAŻANT" Hunt Żary,

  • Circuit no. 232 leased bye„CIETRZEW" Hunt Warszawa.

Polish hunters can hunt for game on the basis of individual shooting permits or during organized group hunting. Some of the shooting is also made by foreign hunters.Boar. By Wojciech Nowak/Fotolia

Hunting seasons for individual species are defined in the Ordinance of Minister of Environment on game hunting seasons as of 16th March, 2005 (Journal of Laws no. 48, item 459 as amended).