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Landscape parks

Landscape parks are established within areas of unique natural, aesthetic and scenic values. In Poland there are 125 landscape parks covering the area of 2.5 mln ha, including almost 1.3 mln ha of forests.

Lipinki Forest District includes "Muskau Bend" Landscape Park established in 2001 and covering area of 18 200 ha. The landscape park covers the areas of the following communes: Trzebiel, Tuplice, Łęknica, Brody and Przewóz. Forests of the Forest District located within the boundaries of the Landscape Park cover 7019.85 ha.

The Park is located in the south-western part of Lubuskie Province and it borders on German Lands of Saxony and Brandenburg. Muskau Bend Landscape Park is a part of larger, international geopark located in the area of glacitectonic dislocations. The geopark includes also the Muskau Park – a place of great historical and cultural value. Just like the geopark, it is located on both sides of the Polish – German border.

Muskau Bend – General Information.

Muskau Bend European Geopark

The area of Muskau Bend Geopark has been included into the group of National, European and World Geoparks due to its high value of abiotic world having unique scientific values. It is famous for many acid water bodies located in the area of former underground and opencast brown coal mines, springs with iron compounds crust and water bodies located in former ceramic clay excavations.

Muskau Bend Geopark has been established to present the local geological phenomena, but also to spread knowledge of mineral prospecting and mining, changes in natural scenery resulting from mining and connection between cultural development and the growth of mining industry.

Muskau Bend Landscape Park

This area known for its unique landscape is called Muskau Bend. Its name comes from the shape of land surface, namely the end moraine area bent in the shape of a horseshoe pointing in a northward direction. This geological structure unparalleled within the entire Central Europe was formed by continental glacier and is clearly visible from a plane.

Total area of moraine hills and their geological deposits dislocated by the glacier amounts to 170 km2, including 75 km2 in Poland. Moraine hills are distinguished by narrow valleys which sometimes can be only 20 m wide.

The Muskau Park – World Heritage Site

The Muskau Park became UNESCO World Heritage Site on 2nd July, 2004. It is a place of unique natural and historical value.

The Muskau Park is located in the central part of Muskau Bend Geopark and is divided by Nysa Łużycka between German town of Bad Muskau and Polish town of Łęknica. It has been established by a Prussian aristocrat, Hermann von Pückler-Muskau, and his ideas gave rise to the composition design of an English landscape park.

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Dawna Kopalnia Babina(Former Babina Mine) Geotourist Trail

"Dawna kopalnia Babina"Geotourist Trail is used for educational purposes connected with this area by Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate. It is located south of the Muskau Park, with the start in Nowe Czaple and the end in the vicinity of Łęknica.