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Nature Parks

Nature parks are areas protected due to their unique landscape, diverse ecosystems and valuable for their tourist and leisure attractions or the function of a wildlife corridor.

Lipinki Forest District includes 4 nature parks with total area of over 5119 ha. The nature parks are:

  •  "Areas located east of Lubsko" ("Wschodnie okolice Lubska"),

  •  "Żarski Forest" ("Las Żarski"),

  •  "Coniferous Forests of Bogumiłów" ("Bory Bogumiłowskie"),

  •  "Bóbr Valley" ("Dolina Bobru").

"Areas east of Lubsko"Nature Park is located in the northern part of Sieciejów Forest Range and covers the area of 17 536 ha, including 321 ha located within the area of Lipinki Forest District.

"Coniferous forests of Bogumiłów"  Nature Park covers central and south-western area of Olbrachtów Forest Range, most of Suchleb Forest Range and south-eastern area of Grotów Forest Range. The entire area of "Bory Bogumiłowskie" is 8910 ha, including 2900 ha located within the territory of Lipinki Forest District.

"Bóbr Valley" Nature Park covers all the areas located along the river Bóbr, along the eastern border of Żary Sub-district. The area of 209 ha is located within the territory of Lipinki Forest District.

"Żarski Forest"is undoubtedly a noteworthy area including all forests of "Zielony Las" Forest Range and the western part of Olbrachtów Forest Range. "Żarski Forest" is located in Żary commune, between the town of Żary and the village of Łaz. The entire area of 1688 ha is managed by Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate.

It is distinguished by a truly varied landscape, often shaped by its rare flora.

"Zielony Las" has the highest beauty spot within the entire Lubuskie Province (the highest part of Żarskie Hills) – 227 m above sea level – overlooking the panorama of Żary and part of Karkonosze Mountains. Tourists can climb 3 towers – fire lookout tower, observation tower and "Promnitz Tower".

Tourist information about Zielony Las.

"Zielony Las" is a truly special place where tourists can relax in the bosom of nature all the year round. It is favoured by cyclists who ride along the European cycle route and enthusiasts of Nordic Walking in summer, and lovers of cross-country skiing in winter.