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Natura 2000 Areas

The purpose of European network of "Natura 2000" protected areas is to prevent the dying out of endangered plant and animal species as well as to protect biological diversity in Europe. All Community member states must implement the network.

Lipinki Forest District includes five habitat areas being part of "NATURA 2000" network with total area of almost 1800 ha. The areas are:

  • Lubsza Valley (Dolina Lubszy) – the area covers part of Sieciejów Forestry in Lubuskie Province and according to the Habitats Directive it has been qualified as a special area of habitats protection. The area of 171.6 ha is located within the territory of Lipinki Forest District. Natural habitats to be found are mostly alder or alder and ash riparian forests, but there are also fragments of headwater riparian forests, such as foothill ash riparian forests.

  •  Żarski Forest (Las Żarski) – the area is located within "Zielony Las"(Green Forest) Forestry and includes almost all of its area amounting to 1245.1 ha. "Zielony Las" is one of nature parks recognized mainly for its 200-year-old beech woods and rare plant species. The park includes habitats of acidophilous lowland beech forests, acidophilous oak forests and riparian forests located at the top of end moraine created during Middle Polish Glaciation in Warta Stadial.

With a bit of luck you might stand eye to eye with an otter in Żarski Forest. By Michaklootwijk/Fotolia

  • Skroda– it is another special area of habitats protection covering area of 172.60 ha, located near Rościce (a village in Lubuskie Province that can be reached by a local road from Olbrachtów). It contains 5 natural habitats such as alder or alder and ash riparian forests, which are the main elements of the protected area.

  • Riparian forests on Nysa Łużycka (Łęgi nad Nysą Łużycką) – the area covers part of Nysa Valley with well-preserved riparian forests taking minor part of the entire area. The area is managed by Lipinki Forest District and covers 107.24 ha. It includes "Nad Młyńską Strugą" Nature Reserve.

  •  Lower Bóbr Valley (Dolina Dolnego Bobru) – another special area of habitats protection. It covers the area of 78.44 ha and includes two enclaves of the Lower Bóbr Valley. It is a natural valley full of meanders and old river beds. There are belts of thick willow brushwood and remains of willow riparian forests along the river banks. Floodland consists of wild meadows, arable land and minor riparian and temperate deciduous forests.