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Nature reserves

Reserves are sectioned off areas of unique natural values preserved in their natural or slightly modified state. Forest economy is limited in such areas. The total number of Polish nature reserves is 1441, including 671 forest reserves with total area amounting to over 61 000 ha. Nature reserves make 1.6 % of all forests managed by the State Forests.

Lipinki Forest District includes only one, yet large nature reserve – "Nad Młyńską Strugą" (By the Mill Stream).

Nature Reserve: „Nad Młyńską Strugą" (By the Mill Stream)

Estabilished: 1970

Area: 132.56 ha

Town: Łęknica

The reserve is located in Lubuskie Province, in Żary district and covers the area managed by 2 Forest District Inspectorates – Wymiarki and Lipinki. The reserve is surrounded by forests in west, east and south, and two rivers – Skroda and Nysa Łużycka in south-west. Its landscape is slightly undulating, in places flat with dominant brown soil.

One of natural attractions of "Nad Młyńską Strugą" Nature Reserve is the unparalleled, red and orange colour of Skroda river resulting from high content of iron compounds.

In order to protect undergrowth typical of beech and oak forests, the Inspectorate preserves natural riparian forest stands and beech stands located in this area.

Beech stands are dominant in the reserve. By Przemysław Choptowy

The reserve is mostly habitat of Beech and Oak, but other species such as Pine, Larch, Linden, Elm, Maple and Fir can also be found there. The undergrowth is rich in the following species: Eagle Fern, Bilberry, Sedge, Wall Lettuce, Violet, Male Fern, Raspberry and Wood Sorrel. The reserve is also habitat of rare animal species, includingGolden-ringed Dragonfly or Great Capricorn Beetle.