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Areas of protected ecology

Areas of protected ecology are usually small – little ponds, woodlots, peat bogs, marshes and dunes. They are remains of ecosystems that enable preservation of biological diversity. Currently there are 9 000 areas of protected ecology all over the country with total area of almost 30 000 ha.

Lipinki Forest District includes 8 areas of protected ecology covering total area of 45.99 ha. The areas are:

  • "Katarzyna" – it is located within "Zielony Las" Forest Range and consists of post-mining, boggy land with small ponds. It includes natural habitats such as: lowland and highland meadows preserved thanks to controlled mowing and grazing, transition peat bogs and swamps.
  • "Nadlubrzańska Łąka" (Nadlubrzańska Meadow) – it belongs to Suchleb Forestry and is characterized by alder and birch stand densities. Similarly to "Katarzyna" it is preserved thanks to extensive activities.
  • "Stary Park" (Old Park) – it is located within the area of Suchleb Forestry and belongs to a wildlife habitat dominated by alder, alder and ash, and ash riparian forests.
  • "Leśne Bagno" (Forest Bog) – it is located in Trzebiel commune, in Żarki Forest Range and is known for standing water present all the year round. The area is characterized by old river beds and natural eutrophic water bodies.
  • "Rosiczka" (Sundew) – it is located in Olszyna Forest Range, in Brody commune. It is an area of protected ecology known for wet moors being habitat to Cross-leaved Heath and Common Sundew.
  • "Łabędź" (Swan) – the area is located within Złotnik Forest Range, in Żagań commune. This wildlife habitat is characterized by old river beds and natural water bodies.
  • "Stary Staw" (Old Pond) – it is a wasteland covered with alder stand densities located within Żagań Forest Range. The area is rich in willow and poplar riparian forests.
  • "Torfowisko Wełnianka" (Wełnianka Peat Bog) – it is located within Marszów Forest Range, in Żary commune and is characterized by transition peat bogs and swamps.