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Organization of the Forest District

Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate is a basic administrative and economic unit in the structure of the State Forests. It is controlled by Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra, supervising forests managed by 20 Forest District Inspectorates. Lipinki Forest District consists of 3 Sub-districts which include 13 Forest Ranges and a Nursery Farm.

Lipinki Forest District organization chart.

Forest District Inspector – manages, coordinates and supervises work of all employees of the Inspectorate, and reports to Director of Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra. Pursuant to Act on Forests the Inspector makes independent decisions on forest economy based on forest management plan and directly manages forests and lands. The Inspector also represents his Forest District Inspectorate.

Deputy Inspector – controls the production issues in his Forest District Inspectorate, manages forest economy department and work performed by Foresters. Cooperates closely with Supervision Engineer.

Supervision Engineer– performs functional control of execution with regards to tasks listed in forest management plan and annual economic plans. Controls fire protection zone and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Chief Accountant– responsible for finance and bookkeeping of the Forest District Inspectorate. Chief accountant is also responsible for internal control of financial and accounting documents and supervises work of finance and accounting department.

Manager– head of Administration and Economics Department, responsible for all issues connected with administration services rendered for the Forest District Inspectorate.

Forest Guard Station– a unit responsible for combating offences and crimes in the area of activities harmful for forests and protection of the State Treasury property.

Human Resources Officer – responsible for any issues connected with personnel of the Forest District Inspectorate.

System Administrator– Information Security Administrator responsible for security of the data within the information system.

Occupational Health and Safety Officer– responsible for coordination and supervision of implementation of regulations concerning work safety and hygiene in the Forest District Inspectorate.

Lipinki Forest District includes 13 Forest Ranges.

Lipinki Sub-district includes: Sieciejów Forest Range, Zielony Las Forest Range, Olbrachtów Forest Range, Suchleb Forest Range, Grotów Forest Range.

Trzebiel Sub-district includes: Olszyna Forest Range, Trzebiel Forest Range, Niwica Forest Range, Żarki Forest Range, Nowe Czaple Forest Range.

Żary Sub-district includes: Złotnik Forest Range, Marszów Forest Range, Żagań Forest Range.